By signing this document, the signatories below, hereinafter referred to as "Guest Owner" or "Customer" acknowledge that they have read the information provided within this document in relation to a visit or "stay" at Reisterstown Boarding Kennels, Inc, hereinafter referred to as "RBK" or "Company" which includes lodging, and daycare services at which time the Guest is on Company property and that the Customer wishes their dogs to stay in the same room together.

Excitement, nervousness, stress, and enjoyment all fall under stimulation for a Pet. While there are different responses to negative and positive stimuli in regard to results and/or conditioning, there isn’t an emotional understanding of the situation; it is all stimulus. Stimulation also comes from your pet’s five senses, at varying degrees, including smell, sight, hearing, touch, and taste.

Stimulation At Home
When Pets are home, not only is it their natural environment, but they have, in most cases, enough of an area that when they become over stimulated, either by the environment or pet-mate(s), they can remove themselves from the situation. Doing so may involve them getting up and walking across the room, or even entering a different room entirely. Being able to move away from the source(s) of stimuli allows the pet to calm down and avoid confrontation.

Stimulation At A Pet Resort
While the type of Resort, location, and services all play a big part in governing a Pet’s stimulation, the biggest difference is that a Pet doesn’t have the same larger area to move away from the source of the stimulation. They do have their indoor and outdoor room, that offers a degree of space that allows them to move a certain distance away from the stimuli, and the indoor rooms do have walls on either side to offer privacy. However, there are some cases where the existence of the stimuli, coupled by the fact they are in their room with a pet-mate(s) (only from the same family and household), who could even be the source of the stimuli themselves, could create a confrontation between the pet-mates.

Multiple Family Pets In Same Room
While housemates will have their disagreements, and arguments will sometimes get out of hand, both at home or in a lodging environment such as a Pet Resort, RBK has a heightened concern about such situations occurring during a stay when there is a significant size difference between the Guests. The potential for serious injury, including fatal injuries, is much higher when there is a decent size difference between housemates.